Re-Branding:The Logo Design contest

Design our new logo and win a prize for it!


Our current logo

As part of our efforts to grow from a simple platform for young writers to display their talent and opinions to a full-fledged youth engagement portal, we will be undertaking a series of steps. The first one being rebranding! LTGTR v2.0 is looking for that perfect logo, which helps it connect with the pulse of this country’s youth!

And we want you to make it!

So here’s your chance to give LTGTR an identity and create a symbol that will hopefully be recognized all over this country!


1. The logo you send must have two formats, one which can be used on the website, and a square one for our Facebook page. Send in the entries to

Please remember you’re making a logo for a brand that’s called “Let The Good Times Roll”. We want bright vibrant stuff, not dark morbid goth stuff!

2 . The logo must be sent to us in the form of a hi-res image (300 dpi)

3. Size of main logo: minimum 1000X1000 pixels.

Square Facebook page logo: 300X300px

4. No copying. Absolutely no copying. You can take all the inspiration you want from other logos, but copy as much as a single line or dot, and we’ll disqualify your entry immediately. We’re serious about this!

5. You can send as many entries as you wish as long they follow the above rules.

6. Last date for entries: 31st March 2013  We’ll announce the winner by 1st April!

7. Submitting your logo/design gives LTGTR the right to use it as part of any branding activity we undertake! You will obviously get due credit

8. As mentioned in the first line, the logo we pick wins something cool! We might even let you choose what it is!

Looking forward to seeing some really cool logos.


The Rescue Rangers

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with a lot of very interesting, talented and different people. And i’m really glad so many of them stuck around for so long. Mind you, we couldn’t afford them a penny.

Most of the people who joined us, came on board for the opportunity to write. We’ve also worked with photographers, campus ambassadors (what a disaster!) and general well wishers! I wish this blog had been started earlier so I could tell you more about them, but better late than never, eh!

A couple of days back Chinmay, our CEO ( 😛 ) told me he’d asked two girls to take care of our Facebook page. Now Facebook is pretty much how we direct traffic to the website and it’s also our prime platform to get in touch with you, the esteemed reader. It’s also been our bane! Me and Chinmay have been very unsuccessfully trying, over the course of the last year, to make the page more interesting. Chinmay thought it would be good to get a couple of fresh minds in there. And how it’s worked!

We’ve had over a 100 more people liking the page in just under two weeks. To give it more context, it took 6 months to get 100 likes earlier :O  They’ve managed to get 50 likes and 94 shares on a single post. They also rubbed it in Chinmay’s face 😛

They’re bright, funny and great friends! And I hope they stick around for long.

So ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the latest members of the LTGTR team….*drum roll* …. Aditi and Khyati


Join me in welcoming them on board!

And the two of you, I dunno why but you remind me of Chip n Dale from the Rescue Rangers 😛