Semblance of A Start

So yesterday was a big day! I’ve mentioned in some of the earlier posts that we’re looking at going big and turning into a full fledged youth engagement portal. We basically needed a new website for it! A website with tons of functionality for you, the esteemed reader, to enjoy.

It’s been in my head for a while now and a few days ago I had a discussion with my friend Tarun about it. He seemed  quite positive it. We thrashed out amongst ourselves a very vague description of LTGTR v2.0. We discussed the features it should have. For e.g. I believe that every user should have his account and the ability to post articles and content directly, along with social discovery and Tarun wants to be able to sell T-Shirts and have a 9gag like section.

So after lengthy, castles-in-the-air discussion we chalked out the key features and started connecting them much like you do in that childhood game – which reminds me, we should totally have a multi-player game for that on the website! Anyways we connected the dots and conceptualized a product. This was all day before.

Yesterday I talked to Tarun again and said we should really try this and he agreed, and so we brought in Abhishek, henceforth referred to as More. Now Abhishek is our own version of Hermione. He knows pretty about everything, of course he doesn’t know it all

So we asked if he’d be interested, and explained to him the idea. He said yes. Soon we asked the rest of the gang. Mind you, I’m extremely lucky in that regard, since most of my friends in engineering studied CS in college. And those who didn’t still know more than I ever will 😛 All of them said yes, I think. Anyways let’s assume they all said yes, that’s what we did!

In the evening I created a group on FB for us to discuss. And my god, what a discussion. It carried late into the night till about 2 a.m.

We talked about the platform. We discussed CMS vs starting-from-scratch. Drupal vs Spring. SQL, NoSQL, PhP and what not. Everybody was chipping in with their two cents. Finally we decided on the platform. And then chalked out a structure for our starting point. Work officially start on Saturday! More’s taking care of the database part. Vipin’s probably going to drive the UI and systems. I’m supposed to prepare something called Mockups. I’m totally clueless. But it’s an exciting time. We finally have a team and we’re seriously starting on this!

So finally, it’s official folks. LTGTR v2.0 is happening! Watch this space to know more about the features!