Let The Good Times Roll. We’re going to be BIG, someday!

Right now, we’re a small online platform for young writers to display their talents and for less talented ones to express their opinions anyway! We also publish a full fledged online magazine, whenever we can…say 2 in every 3 months. We’ve been around since August 2010 and since then we’ve published the works of over 100+ writers and published 22 full issues.

We aim to provide readers with good solid content written primarily by students and young professionals on a diverse and relevant range of topics, and presented in a simple and humorous manner. We don’t just present facts; we provide opinions and stories and let you experience life through your peers

It’s a small team here…but we have  loads of well-wishers who provide their valuable inputs!

We’re planning to grow, and when we do, we’ll be a full fledged youth engagement portal. Everything you need, at your fingertips.

I know it’s all a little vague right now, but keep watching this space. The next 6 – 12 months are going to be…wait for it….


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